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Worried About Whistleblowing?

Last updated on August 15, 2023

Whistleblowing: Helping You Stand Up For What’s Right

As an employee, you have a unique window into what goes on at your workplace. You may stumble across troubling information or become a witness to wrongful conduct.

When you find yourself in such a difficult situation, it can weigh on you. You want to do the right thing, but you’re worried about the blowback. You should never have to keep silent in order to keep your job.

Fortunately, the law provides protection for whistleblowers who report wrongdoing. At the Law Office of Twila S. White, we can help you take advantage of those protections, whether you have just discovered the wrongful conduct or have already suffered retaliation for reporting it.


Making Sense Of What You’ve Found

From our office in Los Angeles, California, we stand up for whistleblowers across a wide range of industries, from nurses and hospital staff to bank personnel, factory workers and more. We handle cases involving legal or ethical violations such as:

  • Sexual harassment, wage violations or other employment-related issues
  • Violations of health and safety codes
  • Patient privacy violations in the health care context
  • Fraudulent billing and other financial misconduct, including qui tam claims (involving defrauding the federal government)
  • Violations of environmental regulations
  • Discrimination in the employment or housing context

These whistleblowing cases aren’t always clear-cut. Perhaps you came across something suspicious, but aren’t sure whether it amounts to illegal or unethical conduct. Our lawyers can advise you on the legal ramifications of your situation and help you take the appropriate course of action.

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