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Helping Victims Of Age Discrimination Assert Their Rights

Last updated on August 14, 2023

In today’s technologically-sophisticated workplaces, aging workers often face an uphill battle when attempting to maintain their jobs. Many companies fail to capitalize on aging workers’ experience and knowledge and, instead, seek to sideline them in favor of younger tech-savvy recruits.

This blatant age discrimination often manifests itself in the form of significant decreases in promotion potential for aging workers. Or in other instances, many aging workers find themselves being pushed out of the door within a short time frame of their anticipated retirement. Sometimes aging workers are constantly harassed about when they are going to retire, combined with constant remarks about their age or how old they are getting.

Attentive Representation To Fight Age Discrimination

Lawyer Twila S. White understands how painful and frustrating age discrimination can be for seasoned workers. She has been practicing employment law for more than 19 years and is ready to leverage her experience to defend your rights. Do not let your future earning potential dry up. Reach out to our team today.

How To Recognize Age Discrimination In Your Workplace

Much like claims for racial bias in the workplace, assembling an effective claim for age discrimination requires the composition of a persuasive picture from disparate pieces of evidence. Victims of age-based discrimination often experience some or all of the following situations:

  • Inappropriately referencing to your age: Younger workers may use derogatory terms to refer to your age.
  • Attempting to force you out of the company: You may experience repeated inquiries from younger workers concerning your future “retirement plans.”
  • Demeaning your status in the organization: You may hear co-workers make comments that you should resign or quit in order to create additional opportunities for younger workers.
  • Ignoring your promotion potential: Older workers may get passed over for opportunities to advance or may not be retained long enough to qualify for retirement benefits.
  • Ignoring your hiring potential: More seasoned workers may be passed over for jobs due to their age.

If you have experienced any of these circumstances in your workplace, contact our team for an initial consultation to address your rights. We have stood with many workers against age discrimination, and we are ready to leverage our experience to assist you.

A Strong Commitment To Our Clients

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