Effective Protection Of Employee Rights

Every employee has rights. If yours have been violated we can help you.

Combating Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

There is no place for sexual harassment in today’s workplace. At the Law Office of Twila S. White, our team understands the frustration and anxiety caused by sexual harassment in the workplace. For more than 24 years, we have advised and represented victims of sexual harassment across California. We stand with our clients to provide compassionate and caring legal representation.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that affects all types of employees across California. From entry-level positions through the top tiers of private industries, government and nonprofit organizations, none are exempt from this problem. Although sexual harassment is most frequently directed toward women, men also feel its effects.

Combating An Unfair Power Dynamic

Ultimately, sexual harassment is not exclusively about sex, but is more often about power and control. That is one of the many reasons why people facing sexual harassment can be reluctant to speak up. Yet, it is vital to speak up in order to protect yourself and others like you. Stop the harassment and start the healing process. Reach out to an experienced employment law attorney.

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How To Identify Sexual Harassment In Your Workplace

Learning to recognize key indicators of harassment is vital to protecting your rights. Those who suffer the indignity of sexual harassment in the workplace frequently experience some or all of the following:

  • “Quid Pro Quo”: Situations in which an individual in a position of authority over you offers a reward or benefit in exchange for sexual favors.
  • Inappropriate touching: This can occur in the form of unsolicited hugs, back rubs or groping.
  • Sexually inappropriate comments: These can occur as off-colored jokes or suggestive language about an employee’s physical appearance. It does not have to be directed at the person who is offended; what is important is that the person who is offended witnesses or hears the conduct, and knows about it.
  • Reprisal: In some workplaces, victims experience consequences, such as termination or other forms of punishment, for complaining about ongoing harassment.

If you believe you have experienced any of the above situations or an otherwise hostile work environment, reach out to our team today. We are ready to provide an honest and realistic assessment of your case.

Let Us Help You Through This Difficult Time

Los Angeles workers do not sit on the sidelines wondering what to do. Contact an experienced lawyer. We understand the pain that unwanted sexual advances and other types of harassment can cause in the workplace. Our team will represent you through the entire process.

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