Effective Protection Of Employee Rights

Every employee has rights. If yours have been violated we can help you.

Do You Need Assistance With An Employment Law Trial?

Twila White has consulted with attorneys and conducted workshops and seminars for many years civil and criminal matters, including employment law cases and trials.

Additionally, you can hire her to help you try the case, assist you with a trial plan or consult with you where you need direction on various aspects of a case.

To hire Ms. White as a consultant on your employment case, contact her by phone at 800-521-4569 today. You may also contact her online.

Consulting services available include:

  • What are my trial themes?
  • What is my roadmap for presenting the case?
  • What are the key exhibits for trial?
  • My client has this great case and has been wronged; now how am I going to present it?
  • Now that you have all of these depositions, what evidence is important?
  • I have limited time and need to select key depositions to take. What depositions are a must?
  • I do not feel comfortable trying this case and need help. Who can help me?