Effective Protection Of Employee Rights

Every employee has rights. If yours have been violated we can help you.

You Deserve A Safe Workplace

For many of us, holding a job is a source of satisfaction in our lives. Through your employment, you earn a living for yourself and your loved ones. You put food on the table, take care of bills and maintain a roof over your family’s head. California workers have the right to come to work and be treated with dignity and respect free from harassment and intimidation. Unfortunately, many workplaces do not maintain a healthy, professional environment for their employees.

What Is A Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment occurs when co-workers and supervisors fail to provide a safe and discrimination-free space for all employees. Situations such as unfair treatment at work and inappropriate sexual jokes erode the fabric of professionalism in a business. These issues cause many good workers to terminate their employment prematurely.

Are You A Victim Of A Hostile Work Environment?

How do you know if you are working in a hostile environment? Often, this can be difficult to determine. Many hostile work environments, however, will exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • “Quid pro quo”: Transactional relationships in which employees receive inappropriate advantages for favors.
  • Comments, suggestions or behavior that alter the pre-agreed upon conditions of employment
  • Inappropriate jokes, comments or slurs that disparage an employee’s race, age, gender or sexual preference
  • An environment that permits inappropriate touching or groping

The determination of a hostile work environment can often be made by assessing what a reasonable person would consider pervasive and severe. If sexually charged jokes or discriminatory behavior are a standard part of your workday, you are likely in a hostile work environment. Do not suffer in silence and do not suffer alone. Instead, reach out to an employment law attorney to learn how you can protect your rights and secure a better future.

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