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Uber’s culture is toxic: What employees need to know about discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Discrimination

Does Uber have a discriminatory culture at their company? According to allegations from current and former employees, Uber has created an environment full of discriminatory practices ranging from sexual harassment, bullying, retaliation, unprofessional behavior and physical safety concerns.

These are serious allegations against the company. Uber hired a law firm to investigate 215 reports of “inappropriate workplace instances,” which broke into the following categories:

  • 54 complaints of discrimination
  • 47 complaints of sexual harassment
  • 45 complaints of unprofessional behavior
  • 33 complaints for bullying
  • 19 complaints for other harassment
  • 13 complaints for retaliation
  • Three complaints for physical security
  • One complaint for wrongful termination

Uber recently fired 20 employees as a result of the firm’s investigation of these allegations in the workplace. While their actions after the allegations surfaced are a step in the right direction, workplace safety and employee rights’ activists say more work needs to be done to protect employees from these types of abuses.

What to do after discrimination or harassment

Workplace discrimination and harassment are serious issues for many workers in California. Even if you are covered by anti-discrimination laws in the workplace, that doesn’t mean you will not be subjected to harassment or discrimination at work. Employees have the right to report workplace violations to their supervisor and to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Victims of a discriminatory culture should also consider contacting an attorney to protect their rights, especially if they are worried about retaliation after reporting the abuse. An attorney can make sure you are treated fairly and that your employer is held accountable for their actions.