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Have you been wrongfully terminated from your job?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Wrongful Termination

California is an at-will employment state, meaning that your employer has the right to terminate your job without having to provide you a reason. However, it is important for you to understand that you still have rights if you feel you have been wrongfully released. Here at the Law Office of Twila S. White, we regularly explain to people what wrongful termination is.

For example, you suffered a back injury while performing your job. You filed a workers’ compensation claim and then two weeks later, your employer fired you. Many times, employers will do this as a form of retaliation or to even lower the amount of compensation they have to pay you. However, this is a violation of federal law, and you may be able to hold them legally accountable.

Pregnancy is another reason that an employer may terminate you illegally. While the employer will probably not come right out and state that you are being let go because of your pregnancy, it is still illegal.

This can occur after you announce you are pregnant, if you are put on bedrest or during your family leave. By law, your employer is required to provide the same job, or one that is equitable to it, when you return. Stating that there are no positions available, or that your job has been dissolved, may violate that law.

If you file a report concerning sexual harassment or discrimination, and you are fired subsequently from your job, you may have a case if you can prove the connection. Additionally, if your firing violated any terms spelled out in the employment contract you signed, you may be able to show that you are a victim of wrongful termination. For more information concerning this subject, please visit our web page.