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Labor & Employment Results

Attorney's fee award with interest $2.165 Million

Sexual Harassment/Retaliation/Wrongful Termination Case $1.8 Million

Retaliation/Sexual Harassment Case $1.1 Million

Hospital Whistleblower/Wrongful Termination Case $850,000

Patient Care Whistleblower/Wrongful Termination Case $800,000

Wage and Hour Class Action Case $750,000

Race Discrimination/Retaliation/Wrongful Termination $680,000

Pregnancy Discrimination/Wrongful Termination Case $650,000

Sexual Harassment Case $600,000

Small Wage & Hour Class Action Case $550,000

Race/Disability/Wrongful Termination Case $550,000

Sexual Harassment Case $425,000

Pregnancy Leave/Wrongful Termination Case $400,000

Race/Retaliation/Wrongful Termination Case $400,000

Disability Discrimination/Wrongful Termination Case $400,000

Disability/Wrongful Termination Case $300,000

Retaliation/CA Family Rights Act/Failure to Prevent Discrimination/Negligent Supervision/Wrongful Termination $287,000

CA Family Rights Act (CFRA)/Disability Leave Violations / Wrongful Termination $175,000

Failure to Accommodate/Disability Discrimination $150,000

Sexual Harassment / Retaliation Case $150,000

CA Family Rights Act (CFRA)/Disability Leave Violations / Retaliation Case $120,000

Severance Negotiation $100,000

Personal Injury Results

Torn Meniscus Auto Accident $200,000

Premise Liability: A Minor Sustained Cuts from Glass $150,000

Premise Liability: A Minor Sustained Injury on School Yard $50,000

Other examples are available. Call The Law Office of Twila S. White now for a FREE consultation. Please note that the above list is not a guarantee or warranty concerning the outcome for any case. All cases are different. The outcome of any lawsuit is rarely certain.

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